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The Echenberg War Poetry Collection

The Echenberg War Poetry Collection consists of over 6000 volumes of war poetry, manuscripts, etc., written by or about people who have experienced war and then written about that experience in the form of poetry. It is the most comprehensive collection and listing of War Poetry to be found in one place.

Included are works by men, women and children of all nationalities, languages and conflicts. The collection spans the periods from ancient times to the present day, ironically from the war-poetry of the Sumerians to the poetry arising from nearby conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The collection also includes related anthologies, manuscripts, bibliographies, biographies, reviews, links to online sources, critical examinations etc.


The collection was begun in the 1960's and it continues to grow with the addition not only of published texts but also with links to important current online war poetry sources. It my hope that someday it will be placed in an academic setting where it be available for research and study and can continue to grow into the future.


If you find the collection useful, have questions, suggestions, additions etc.
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Dean F Echenberg

The collection can be currently found in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California.



The collection can be explored either by conflict or author. In either case, clicking on 'details" on the far right of any specific book will bring up more specific data about the item and annotations if availbble.

1. To browse the collection organized alphabetically by author click here. The top of each page has series of alphabetical grouping pertains to the author on that page.

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Searching the entire collection by any term:

In the box below, you can enter author, book title, or any other search parameter, to search the entire Collection. For example, entering the term "Blunden" will bring up all the books as well as other references in the collection to Edmund Blunden.